feat socks

How we sold over $500k of product in a few weeks with no upfront marketing spend

Quick Facts:

  • Company: FEAT Socks

  • Date: 9/01/16

  • Strategy: Influencer

  • Key Advantage: Timing + Compensation + Relationship

Fall 2016, Taylor and Parker moved across the country to 1600 Vine Street in Hollywood, the then home of influencers with hundreds of millions of followers. Read more about Taylor and this move in this New York Times Article.

The move was strategic, and we were here to do a deal with the up and coming youtubers, vloggers & viners.

Over 6 months, Taylor became good friends with Logan Paul who had started vlogging the day we moved into the building.

Taylor & Logan negotiated a deal with back-end profit splits to limit risk for FEAT Socks and to see if Logans audience would buy.

Together, we made 1 sock featuring Logans parrot, Maverick.

While money was somewhat motivating to Logan, we realized he was hungrier for content ideas. Vlogging everyday, trying to one-up yesterday is extremely difficult. Logan wanted ideas.

Taylor offered up his car! Sell 20,000 pairs of socks and Logan would get Taylors crazy car. Boom!

This was the key: content opportunity + compensation = win win

There were hundreds of brands writing bigger checks than we could write at the time, what we had was the relationship, and great ideas for content.

See below:

Logan Gets Taylors Car - Over 5,000,000 impressions

Logan pranks brother Jake Paul with socks Over 12,000,000 impressions

The campaign went live, with just one single pair of $20 socks….we sold $500,000 in the blink of an eye.