The Tweet that broke the Internet

Quick Facts:

  • Company: FEAT Socks

  • Date: 05/30/2019

  • Strategy: Twitter Retweets

  • Key Advantage: Timing and relationships

In May, FEAT had a surplus of inventory and needed to liquidate as many socks as possible. Instead of selling the socks to a close-out wholesaler like TJ Maxx or Marshall’s, we wanted to use the socks to acquire new customers, get exposure AND make more money than we could selling close-out wholesale.

Strategy: Make a sale that people will be incentivized to share, letting them do the marketing for you for free. For people to be interested in it had to be current. It couldn’t be “Do X to get Y”, then people would see it was a sale and not want to share. It was around the time of the NBA Finals, and the Warriors were a heavy favorite to beat the Cavs.

Plan: Everyone knew the Warriors were going to win, so shock the Internet and bet on the Cavs with this tweet

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 9.55.21 AM.png

We said we were so confident in the Cavs winning, we would give everyone who retweets this a pair of socks if the Warriors won.

At the time we had no Twitter following, and needed a little exposure. Using the relationships we have, we contacted our friends who run major Twitter accounts. For just $100, we were able to get their big accounts to retweet it and start the momentum.

An event like the NBA Finals is a great event for this, because it is not 1 day. We had 7 days for the Tweet to pick up steam, and the closer it got to the Warriors winning, the faster the retweets poured in.

We got over 20,000,000 impressions on the tweet, but how do we make money and get customers?

We set up an email capture where people could redeem their socks. Once their email was captured, we put them on an automated flow on our backend. It was a 4 touch email campaign converting them to get the socks, and the active members dripped into our email database and normal flows. We were able to capture over 100,000 emails.

But how did you make money???

The socks were free, but charged ~$8 per shipping. This shipping margin allowed us to cover shipping cost, product cost, and make more money in profit than we would of if we sold to a closeout retailer :)

How we fooled the internet (And Justin Biebers mom)

Quick Facts:

  • Company: Yes Theory

  • Date: 10/28/18

  • Strategy: Viral Marketing , Reddit, PR

  • Key Advantage: Relationships and viral ideas

In September, Taylor got a call Yes Theory, Youtubers with over 3.5M Subscribers. They had someone who looked like Justin Bieber and wanted to do a viral video.

After some brainstorming with the team, Taylor came with an idea to keep it simple. Take a picture of the Justin Bieber Look-A-Like eating a burrito sideways. Something simple and viral. It would spark debate about who eats burritos like that, and the internet will have a field day.

We went to Chipotle and got a burrito, then staged the fake Justin eating in a park. We snapped some pics of him biting into the burrito sideways, posted them on Reddit and let the internet do it’s thing.

The picture was shared in every major publication, from USA Today to Time to BBC to Barstool. Every major celebrity from Diplo to @TheFatJewish to Chrissy Teigen even his manager Scooter Braun and Justin’s mom even believed it!

See more behind the scenes on the story highlight called FAKE NEWS

The campaign got 100’s of millions of free impressions for Yes Theory

How we sold over $500k of product in a few weeks with no upfront marketing spend

Quick Facts:

  • Company: FEAT Socks

  • Date: 9/01/16

  • Strategy: Influencer

  • Key Advantage: Timing + Compensation + Relationship

Fall 2016, Taylor and Parker moved across the country to 1600 Vine Street in Hollywood, the then home of influencers with hundreds of millions of followers. Read more about Taylor and this move in this New York Times Article.

The move was strategic, and we were here to do a deal with the up and coming youtubers, vloggers & viners.

Over 6 months, Taylor became good friends with Logan Paul who had started vlogging the day we moved into the building.

Taylor & Logan negotiated a deal with back-end profit splits to limit risk for FEAT Socks and to see if Logans audience would buy.

Together, we made 1 sock featuring Logans parrot, Maverick.

While money was somewhat motivating to Logan, we realized he was hungrier for content ideas. Vlogging everyday, trying to one-up yesterday is extremely difficult. Logan wanted ideas.

Taylor offered up his car! Sell 20,000 pairs of socks and Logan would get Taylors crazy car. Boom!

This was the key: content opportunity + compensation = win win

There were hundreds of brands writing bigger checks than we could write at the time, what we had was the relationship, and great ideas for content.

See below:

Logan Gets Taylors Car - Over 5,000,000 impressions

Logan pranks brother Jake Paul with socks Over 12,000,000 impressions

The campaign went live, with just one single pair of $20 socks….we sold $500,000 in the blink of an eye.